Higuita homepage


this will be my new homepage, some day in the future... 8)
for now, check my scripts, configs and other things...

DCOS on debian - a small howto to help installing DCOS in debian jessie.

kmx2mbox - Convert the uncompressed .kmx mailboxes used by Kaufman Mail Warrior (win32) to the plain old mbox format, that can be imported in many other programs (using the eudora importer if there is no direct mbox importer). Linux can use the mbox as the normal mail spool.

agent2mbox - Convert the Forte Agent .DAT files to plain unix mbox format, just like the script above.

rmattach - Remove all/some attachs from emails, made to work as one action script for sylpheed still not finish

virtual graffiti - IniGraphics.net Virtual Graffiti on the XII Bienal de Cerveira

extra - Several scripts, configs and other things

Personal - About me...

SSH anyware

NetGear GS108Ev3

eq92025 - my ancient webpage (half-dead)
_higuita_ - my ancient webpage part 2 (geocities is dead, local copy)
cadernoverde - my old webpage part 3 - (also dead)

My PGP/OpenPGP Public Key

My jabber status: jabber Status
i use tkabber jabber client, simple but very good.

I use and love GNU/linux, this server is Slackware Linux.

alpha version v0.5 28/07/2013
note to myself: insert spam bait, like    
spamtrap from http://www.cyber-pod.com/black-hole/ higuita@caravela.homelinux.net